Committed to Environmental Stewardship

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For the last five years WIN has been participating in Climate Smart. Through our participation, we are able to measure our carbon emissions, and have reduced our carbon footprint by an incredible 51% from 131.07 metric tonnes of CO2 to a much improved 63.69 metric tonnes.

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As you can see, waste reduction stands out as one of our most significant achievements. Waste over the last five years has been reduced by an amazing 71% through our ever growing partnerships with other organizations that can use goods that we receive that do not work for our programs or stores. And of course, our extensive recycling program has played a big part as well.

Electricity reductions are next with an overall reduction of 36% in carbon emissions since 2010. That's due to our lighting retrofits at Cook, Pandora and North Park, our motion detection lights in common areas and our improved habits with turning lights, computers and screens off at night. We also managed to replace some of our appliances and the photocopier for more efficient models.

Other important changes we have made include a reduction in staff commuting by car, down by an impressive 31%. The WIN’s truck transportation has reduced by an overall 11% through improved routing, and reduced idling. As well, our use of natural gas for heat and hot water is down by a fantastic 19%.

As a way to keep staff engaged, WIN has an Environmental Committee that keeps us informed and motivated to improve our personal and operational impact on the environment.

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WIN was one of the winners in 2012 EcoStar Awards organized by Capital Regional District! After completing the 2011 Climate Smart carbon inventory, we found out that we were able to reduce our waste by 49% through a combination of increased diversion of goods to other organizations and an extensive recycling program. Our carbon emissions have gone down by 32% in one year. We were thrilled to have received the Eco Star Awards and this really gave us momentum to keep going with our environmental stewardship efforts. We now have an extensive recycling program at our warehouses, stores and administration office – it might seem little at individual level but combined together, our efforts really contribute to keeping garbage away from the landfill!

  • Batteries

  • Cardboard, Paper, Newspaper, Books,

  • Clothing

  • Electronics and Small Appliances

  • Food Waste

  • Fluorescent tubes

  • Glass, Ceramics, Dishes

  • Hard and Soft Plastic

  • Mattresses, Chairs, Couches and Oversize Items

  • Metals

  • Styrofoam

  • Wire Hangers

  • Wood, Whicker, Particle Board