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Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative


The Core of What We Do

At Victoria Women In Need Community Cooperative our programs are there for women along each step of their journey.

We are there when she is in crisis and needs to access essential goods, when she is setting up her own home after leaving a transition house, when she is building a strong community of support. When she is ready, we are there to provide her with support towards achieving her goals of financial self sufficiency. Lastly, we are there when she decides to pursue her goals towards self development and wellness.

WIN recognizes the fluidity of gender and as such our programs are open to self-identifying women, trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit people who identify with the intention of WIN’s programs.

To learn more our five programs, please follow the link below.


Transforming our Community One Woman at a Time

How do we do this? Thanks to our amazing community, we are able to collect donated goods and provide affordable high quality clothing, household items and furniture through five Resale Shops in Victoria and Langford.

The revenue from our shops, together with financial donations, covers the entire cost of running our non profit cooperative, and funds our five empowerment programs for women.

So whether you are a shopper, a donor, or a volunteer, you too have a hand in transforming our community.

Find out more information on how you can connect, shop, volunteer or donate to WIN by following the link below.

We would love to have you on board!


Who we are

We believe women deserve equal voice and opportunity to provide healthy, environmentally and financially sustainable lives for themselves and their families in a vibrant and supportive community. 

WIN is a non-profit community service cooperative.


A community where women can freely pursue a passionate and fulfilled life.


To support women along their journey between crisis and wellness.


Self Sustainability, Self-Responsibility, Healthy Relationship, Entrepreneurship, Conscious Choice, Personal Growth and Empowerment, and Environmental Responsibility.

We are all connected at WIN