Royal Roads University: Chancellor's Community Recognition Award

Victoria Women In Need Community Cooperative (WIN) is awarded with Royal Roads University’s Chancellor’s Community Recognition Award.

Royal Roads University's (RRU) has chosen WIN as the recipient of the Chancellor’s Community Recognition Award, celebrating WIN’s 28 years of service in the community. The award was presented at the University’s Convocation Ceremony on June 18th, 2019, which also marks the recognition of another step in the lives of hundreds of students concluding their studies at RRU.

“We are honoured to be the recipients of The Chancellor’s Community Recognition Award, presented by Royal Roads University”, said Clare Yazganoglu, WIN’s Executive Director. “The university’s motto of “living our learning” has always been an integral part of WIN as a cooperative, and I believe, our success as an organization in providing our programs, being self sustaining, and being an integral part of our community in giving new life to the incredible donations that we receive. We have learnt and grown so much over the years, and this is thanks to the wisdoms shared, openness to learning and changing, and the deep caring of everyone involved in WIN”.

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Watch the convocation ceremony and Clare Yazganoglu at the convocation (Clare is introduced on 26’30”).

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