Gift Certificate Program

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WIN works with local community organizations to offer women and children in their programs with gift certificates that they can use in our stores.This allows a woman to fill essential needs for clothing, household and children’s items through a discreet shopping experience in which she has the power to decide what items she and her family need.

Each year, we support over 400 women through this program.

"Being able to get some clothes for me and a very nice blanket, clothes and toys for my kids, the gift certificate made a big difference - thank you" 
~ Gift Certificate Recipient

"I did not have any clothing for spring, and greatly appreciated being able to choose something nice to wear" 
~ Gift Certificate Recipient

"The Gift Certificate allowed me to get some clothing to pursue my job search" 
~ Gift Certificate Recipient

"The Gift Certificates are a valuable resource for women in our Program, and help to free up their resources for other essential needs at a time of transition" 
~ Local Transition House

WIN works directly with the Victoria area transition houses and second-stage housing projects, along with many other community organizations that support women’s self sufficiency. We support other community organizations by providing their clients with access to our programs.

These organizations include:

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