New Start Program

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When a woman is ready to leave a transition house and set up a new home for herself and her children, WIN is there to support her. We provide her with all of the basics that they need to get started such as furniture, beds, kitchen items, linens and other household needs. 

Win helps approximately 100 women start a new life through this program every year.

In their words:

“When I first moved into the bachelor suite, I had nothing. I was getting discouraged and depressed, your program made a home for me. I am so happy! Now, I feel more stable, happy, motivated, I have better self esteem and am more positive!”

“…people and organizations like yours make me believe I can rebuild, lose the fear of bumping into my abuser somewhere, and start fresh.”

“This program truly works if you don't want to go back. Thank you.”

"My delivery included the everyday items you don’t think of and standard items you just can’t afford…I was sincerely moved at the care and availability of the package. From the matching color scheme to the beautiful accent items—truly made me feel special and worth something again.”

The New Start Program requires a referral from a local transition house or other organization which supports women who are leaving abusive relationships and making the shift to independent living.

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