Self Sufficiency Program

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Self sufficiency and wellness are the cornerstones of a free and fulfilled life, and something that all women and their families deserve. We support women  to make healthy choices and pursue opportunities along their journey to self sufficiency and wellness.  

Self Sufficiency Bursary:

WIN has 2 rounds of funding annually - Fall/Spring
Women can apply for a Self Sufficiency Bursary from WIN to help her achieve her goals of financial independence. This could include:

1. Funding to support women to pursue further education or training 
2. Funding to support women to develop their small business or cooperative enterprise 
3. Funding to help remove barriers (such as childcare or transportation) so that women can participate in specific learning opportunities 

Strong Community Partnerships:

We have developed many strong community partnerships and we make referrals to other existing educational programs in the community including Bridges, Community Micro Lending and the Burnside Gorge Family Self Sufficiency Program. This way we ensure that we are meeting the needs of women and filling gaps rather than duplicating existing programs.

How to Apply:

WIN has 2 rounds of funding annually - Fall/Spring

To receive notification when the application process begins, please send your name and contact information to our Program Coordinator and you will receive an email when the applications and deadlines are determined.

"It is one thing to have dreams, but feeling supported and accountable to the generosity of donors in actualizing those dreams is immeasurable. I am very grateful to the people from WIN for supporting my journey to financial self sufficiency."
~ WIN Self Sufficiency Program Participant