WIN Cooperative

We believe women deserve equal voice and opportunity to provide healthy, environmentally and financially sustainable lives for themselves and their families in a vibrant and supportive community. 

We have been supporting women in our community for over 28 years!

WIN is organized as a community service cooperative which is a non profit form of a cooperative. Our purpose is to benefit the community through the provision of programs and services for women and their families.

Our membership is open to both the employees and volunteers of WIN. The benefit of participating as a member is the opportunity to shape the future of the organization, as well as to learn governance skills. Members do not receive any financial benefit from their participation as members, and volunteer their time for all membership related activities. If you are interested in finding out more about community service cooperatives click here.

WIN is proud to have a vibrant community of members who are all committed to supporting women on their journey towards financial self sufficiency and wellness. With a staff of over 35 people and a team of 50 committed volunteers, we have become well known as a successful non profit social enterprise.

We work in partnership with the Victoria Women In Need Foundation to provide our Transformational and Self Sufficiency Programs.

Our Vision

A community where women can freely pursue a passionate and fulfilled life.

Our Mission

To support women along their journey between crisis and wellness.

Our Values

  • Self Sustainability: We value those economic, social and personal factors that help women and their families to sustain a healthy economic livelihood

  • Responsibility: We value personal integrity and socially responsible business practice.

  • Healthy Relationships: We value and encourage relationships that are mutually beneficial, promote interdependence and create community.

  • Entrepreneurship: We value creativity and excellence in business practice in the operation of self sustaining social enterprises.

  • Conscious Choice: We value respect, compassion, support, sharing and encouragement that assist women to transform their lives according to their own values and vision.

  • Personal Growth and Empowerment: We are a learning organization promoting individual, organizational and community development.

  • Environmental Responsibility: We value the health of our natural world and an environmentally and economically sustainable community.