Why Thrift-Shopping Might be a Good Idea?

This year we were inspired by the amazing theme that the Vintage Spring Fair has chosen: green! Thinking of green practices and why second-hand shopping might be seen as a green practice, this article lists the benefits of second-hand shopping.

1) Find great deals: Whether you are on a budget or not, thrift shopping involves finding great deals: designer brands, vintage finds and other amazing items at a fraction of their original price!
2) Be environmentally friendly: Buying second-hand is environmentally friendly: you recycle clothes that could have otherwise gone directly into a landfill! This works both ways, whether you are shopping at WIN shops or if you are donating clothing you no longer use to WIN. WIN donors and shoppers are amazing recyclers!
3) Support local organizations: When you shop at WIN, for example, you are directly funding WIN's 5 empowerment programs for women in our community. As a non-profit cooperative, WIN is 100% self-sustaining and all the proceeds from the sales of our stores are used to fund our programs for women in our community.
4) Treasure Hunting: Once you enter a thrift-shop, you are in for the most amazing treasure hunt. You will browse through thousands of items that are donated every day and might find things you never expected! Like these special handkerchiefs or this Marching Band uniform!
5) Great Shopping Experience: At WIN, we pride ourselves on creating fun, beautifully organized and displayed shops where you can focus on finding what you need and have fun doing it!
6) Collector’s Paradise: If you collect books, vinyls, CD’s, ornaments or other items, second-hand shops are the perfect place for you to find these items. You never know what you will find at a WIN Resale Shop!

Do you know other reasons to shop at second-hand shops like WIN Resale Shops? Let us know if we are missing any great reasons to shop thrift!