Inspiring Handkerchiefs

From time to time we encounter real treasures that were donated to WIN. Some are historical, or of great value to the world’s culture… Books, pieces of clothing, unique items.

This time, we found a set of handkerchiefs with letters that famous writers wrote to their kids. We are sharing the links of some of these letters here, in case you are curious about their content!

1) A letter from Thomas Jefferson to his daughter, which you can read here:

2) A letter from Charles Dickens to his youngest son, nicknamed Plorn:

3) A letter from Rudyard Kipling to his youngest daughter:

It’s amazing to read these letters, some dated centuries ago, and how these great and often contradicting minds thought and how they expressed themselves to their kids.

This unique/inspiring set of handkerchiefs can be found at our Pandora location.

Handkerchiefs (1).png